Who we are

Viña el Cerno Winery was recovered by María Ester Carra y Pedro Martínez, where varietals wines are elaborated in artisan way since 1995.

Winery Viña el cerno


Cerno means heart of hard woods as the oak, where the raising of our wines is done.
Viña el cerno is a small family winery, where varietals wines are elaborated with the same technology used by our ancestors: with love and dedication.
When you visit our wine cellar, you will feel the magic of the history, and will appreciate the purity of the artesian processes.
At the end of the run, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a tasting class, which the owners will conduct personally.
The family staff will receive you,  and show you the wines that are a result of an artesian work originating im the vineyards.
The family will also educate you about local historic characteristics of the land and the wines, while tasting them, to deliver a special message.
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